Insight Vision
Eye Care & Laser Centre
Insight Vision
Eye Care & Laser Centre

An ISO 9001 : 2018 Certified & NABH Accredited Eye Hospital with Multi Specialty Services & Facilities serving Mumbai since 2012.

Our Doctors
Dr. Sudhir G. Sudrik

DNB - Ophthalmology, MNAMS, FMRF
Consultant Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon
Retina Fellow, Sankara Nethralaya (Chennai)

Dr. Amruta Padhye Sudrik

DNB - Ophthalmology, MNAMS, FICO (UK)
Consultant Ophthalmologist
Phaco & Refractive Eye Surgeon

Our Services
Phaco-Emulsification Cataract Surgery

A Cataract surgery that is used to restore cloudy vision in patients suffering from Cataracts, a clouding of the eye's lens.

Lasik & Refractive Procedures

The proven Ray of hope & solution to vision rectification with safe and sound laser technology allowing permanent freedom from visual aids like, eye glasses & contact lenses.

Vitreo-Retinal Services

Vitreo-Retinal eye surgery includes a group of procedures performed deep inside the eye's interior.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Vision complication arising due to diabetes attacking the circulatory system and causing progressive damage to the retina by bleeding, swelling, etc.

Uvea & Ocular Inflammation

Uveitis is the inflammation of Uvea, the pigmented middle layer of the eye and Ocular Inflammation is of the layers surrounded, the white part of the eye & the Iris.

Cornea & Ocular Surafce Disorder

Degenerative disorder of retinal nerve fiber causing optical nerve damage and resulting in decreased vision or even total blindness.

Squint & Pediatric Ophthalmology

Squint or strabismus is a misalignment condition of the two eyes where both the eyes do not look in the same direction at the same time.

Orbit & Oculoplasty

Orbit Oculoplasty is an evolving ‘Sub-Specialty’ branch of Ophthalmology consisting of two aspects, Orbit-or the Skeletal eye-socket and Oculoplasty, meaning cosmetic or reconstructive procedure.

Glaucoma Screening & Management

Degenerative disorder of retinal nerve fiber causing optical nerve damage and resulting in decreased vision or even total blindness.

Neuro Ophthalmology

A ‘Sub-Specialty’ that merges the fields of neurology and ophthalmology, often dealing with complex neurological manifestations leading to visual disorders.

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